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All You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading.


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People all over the world believe that hair removal methods are synonymous with pain. Now that’s not true with a technique called eyebrow threading. The latter is a cheap, effective and 100% risk­ free method to remove unwanted eyebrow hair and attain polished brows in no time.


What Exactly is “Brow Threading”?

Brow threading is a traditional hair­ removal technique, practiced extensively among the gorgeous women of the Middle East and Asia. Considered as the best alternative to tweezing and waxing, threading is meant to suit even the most sensitive skin type. Unlike waxing, it does not entail removal of a layer of skin, instead, it is a very non-invasive method of unwanted brow hair removal that creates elegant brows with clear and well­ defined edges framing the eye. 

How is it Done?

Threading of the eyebrows is always done at the salon. When you go to a parlour, the threading expert first takes a thin thread of cotton and twists it to a double strand. This double thread is then swept along the skin in a rhythmic motion to uproot unwanted hair from its follicles carefully. While the threader does put the thread between her lips to maintain it in the taught position, you can be sure that the part of the thread that touches her mouth will never touch your face. The entire process is done with precision and finesse, and the end result is highly satisfactory. 

Who All Qualify for Brow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a risk­ free, non-invasive and effective technique that suits all skin types. So whether you’re an Asian facing hot and humid climate, or an Australian living in the temperate zone, you do qualify for threading. Women of all age groups, right from 18 years of age and above can opt for this procedure. In fact, the dermatologists heartily recommend threading to people with super sensitive skin. However, if your skin is extra sensitive, don’t use the lotion or aloe vera gel that your threader applies after threading. Just rub ice cubes on the brow area to reduce the pinkness and pain at the site. 

How Painful is Threading? 

Most people who have opted for threading before will admit that it causes only a slight degree of discomfort, which is in fact, nothing compared to the pain and injury caused by brow waxing. Because threading targets individual hairs, it keeps skin irritation to a bare minimum. Care is taken to refrain from pulling the sensitive skin around the eyes. For those sensitive to depilatory products and waxing, there is nil exposure to irritants. 

Is Threading Time­ Consuming? 

A simple session of brow threading takes about 5­7 minutes. During the entire session, you can just lean back still and stay at comfort. Only a wee bit of pain (as much as a small pinch) is felt in the eyebrow area. 

Threading vs Waxing: Which is Better? 

In a constant battle to attain the status quo of the best hair removal method, eyebrow threading wins hands down! Other hair removal techniques like tweezing and waxing come with a huge list of downsides. To start with, tweezing removes the wrong hairs and creates gaping holes or divots that simply spoil the shape of your brows. Waxing is no good either. It tugs and pulls at your brow and has enough potential to peel off a skin layer. Such harsh treatments only quicken the onset of wrinkles. 

Now in the light of such crude techniques, let’s take a look at the benefits of brow threading: ­

-Brow threading is less time­ consuming as well as less messy than waxing. 
-It’s also completely natural and involves nil use of artificial waxes, invasive techniques and harsh chemicals. 
-Hair takes time to grow after a threading session. Hair growth is not as fast as after tweezing. 
-Threading targets individual hairs and preserves the natural shape of your brows. Thus, over time, hair growth becomes more sparse and fine. 
-It is an inexpensive alternative to waxing and laser treatment. 
-It is a dermatologist­ recommended option for women with extra sensitive skin that’s prone to acne and excessive breakouts. 

How Long Does Threading Last For? 

Depending on your genetics, lifestyle choices, the area of face and hair type, a full re­growth may take anywhere from 3­6 weeks. With repeated threading, the hair that grows back is sparser and finer. This is because eyebrow threading applies pressure on the hair roots, that get weakened during this process. You can opt for a re­threading session once the hair surfaces on the skin. On the other hand, with waxing, your brow hair needs to be a minimum of 2­5 inches long before you can opt for another removal. 

How To Specify the Eyebrow Shape Through Threading? 

You can definitely specify how you want your eyebrows to be shaped through threading. To begin with, intimate your threading expert on the brow shape you want as well as how thin or thick you would like them. Threading is so marvellous that it can create wonderfully shaped eyebrows even out of sparse hair. Even if your brows lack a natural arch, you can still opt to get them shaped that way through threading! However, remember, that to get the arched shape, your expert would have to remove more hair and create thinner eyebrows. So, if you desire a thicker eyebrow shaped according to your natural contours, don’t opt for a natural arch. 

How to Prepare for Brow Threading? 

There is nothing much to prepare really for a session of brow threading. All you need to do is wait for your brow hair to surface above the skin and you’re good to go! Unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait for your brows to look all ghastly and bushy like those primitive hunter-gatherers. If you want a new look or shape of brows, allow them to grow just a bit more. Refrain from tweezing them or pulling them out, as this prevents the threading expert from knowing their natural shape. If you’re at a loss at which shape will suit your face, just leave it to the expert. They’ll suggest a shape that suits your face best. 

Precautions & Recommendations 

Threading is a relatively easier process than other hair­ removal techniques. However, it always pays to take some precautions under special circumstances. Consider the following: 

-­If you have over­ tweezed, wait for two full weeks to give your brows a chance to grow their natural shape again. This will allow your threader to shape your brows better. 
-If you have acne issues or an extra sensitive skin, refrain from using aloe vera or any soothing lotion on the threaded area. Simply rub some ice on it and pat it dry. Also do not step out in the sun immediately after threading.

 -If you have had cosmetic surgery around your eye area, check with your doctor before you head to the salon. Inquire how long you need to wait before you resume threading. 

To sum up, eyebrow threading is a potent hair removal technique that’s specifically designed for the fast­ paced and comfort­ loving women of today’s society. A big plus about this method is that it’s risk ­free and suited for all skin types. In addition to that, it’s cheaper than waxing!

Therefore, it is recommended for all those women who wish for graceful brows in a jiffy and without pain! So after threading, you’re most likely to walk out of the parlour with elegant eyebrows and not skin breakouts!


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