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You need to tint for summer! Here’s why.

Can you feel that?  Can you smell that?  Can you hear the sounds?  It’s SUMMER!!  Summer is on our doorstep, now it is time for beaches, bikini’s, pools, getting sweaty and much more.  With all this heat and water activity though is it possible to look naturally beautiful and polished without makeup?  We have the answer on how to enhance your natural beauty and it won’t wash off or give you panda eyes while you enjoy your favourite summer activities.  The secret is……… TINTING!


Tinting is a super easy no fuss way to keep your important features fresh during summer.  Tinting allows you to highlight your natural features ensuring you look great even when you have to go makeup free.  Tinting will also allow you to say goodbye to extra makeup including mascara or eyebrow pencils and powders.   The process usually lasts around 4 weeks making it perfect for the coming silly season.


The Process:


Eyebrow Tinting;


Several factors are taken into consideration when choosing the colour to tint your eyebrows.  Our expert aestheticians will look at a number of factors including your eye colour, hair colour, the root colour of your hair to help choose the shade perfect for you.  With blonde and light haired people, they will lean towards a shade usually up to two shades darker, if you already have dark hair the shade picked may be just a touch lighter than your natural shade, this is done so the brow is not too harsh for the face.

A dye is then brushed onto the brow.  We recommend having a good laugh at yourself in the mirror at this time and sending out some snap chats to your close friends as you will look super silly during this stage.  The tint is left on for approx. 3 minutes and wiped away to reveal a natural but glamourous brow with no makeup.


Eyelash Tinting;


You will be told and retold the importance of keeping your eyes closed for this process.  As we are dealing with the eye area we take every precaution to make sure no product gets into your eyes.  We ask you to stay relaxed with your eyes shut and the whole process only takes around 10 minutes.

Protective pads are placed under the eye then while your eyes are closed dye is added to your top and bottom lashes.  The dye chosen is normally blue/black which is the darkest tint but in some cases if you have naturally lash lashes we will recommend a less harsh colour for you.

The tint is wiped away after around 8 minutes and you are ready to say good bye to your mascara for 4 weeks.


Tinting is perfect for eyebrow or eyelashes that are lighter or have sparser hair.  It lasts for up to six weeks.  It is a simple, no fuss quick beauty service that we believe is a must have for summer.  Give your brows a little extra fleek this summer, we promise you won’t be sorry.

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