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2022 Beauty Predictions

Can you believe 2021 is already almost over?! What a wild year that was. While we reflect on 2021 with mixed emotions…(pandemics, right!) We are looking into the future and on the lookout for the hottest beauty trends of 2022. 

Less Is More

Anyone else wearing less makeup since the Pandemic outbreak? You’re not alone! According to a Premise survey, 66% of women are wearing less makeup than before. With that in mind, the 2022 trend of ‘Less Is more’ makes a whole lot of sense. 

Focusing on your natural beauty in 2022 is the way to go. Enhancing your natural features can make you feel confident to go with minimal makeup looks, or even make up free. 

Minimal Brows: Tidy up your brows with a Brow Thread, followed up by a Brow Tint of your choice. We’re loving Hybrid Brow Tint at the moment, but if you want a longer tint on the skin, go with Henna (Plus, it’s vegan!) If you’re wanting a bit more shape, you can add some brow powder to define the edges a little and lock it all into place with a Brow Gel. We have 5 shades of powders available at our kiosks, along with our amazing Brow Gel! 

Effortless Eyes: Keen to stay away from mascara? Try a Lash Lift & Tint to give your eyes some natural oomph. It adds the perfect amount of curl and darkness to make people think, does she naturally have lashes that good?! 

Bold Brows 

Though we are seeing the onset of fashion trends from the early 2000s, were seeing NONE of the thin brows that accompany those butterfly clips (Thank the fashion gods, I couldn’t go through that again!) We’re seeing that continuation of the bolder, more natural brow coming through from 2020. Our brow idols are still Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke, and Lily Collins, so put down those tweezers and grow those babies out.

Bold Brow Go To’s: Have a slight tidy up with a Brow Thread, maybe add a Brow tint of your choice if your brows are sparser, then level up your brows with a Brow Lamination. Brow Laminations makes your brows look fuller as it gives them a set, uniform shape that is going to be all the rage in 2022! Spoil yourself on some Browgasm or Castor Oil to help them grow thicker and fuller, and add some Brow Soap to lock them into place all day! 

Before we sign off, we want to say a massive thank you for sticking with us throughout this crazy year! We have been through lockdowns, reopening, and now the crazy Christmas Season is upon us, and you have been by our side for the whole ride! Thank you for your continued love, and for being the best clients we could wish for! 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy New Year! 

The iBrow Threads Family xx

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