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5 ways to get great brows


Sometimes it feels like everyone looks so put together all the time, doesn’t it? And you’re thinking to yourself…what am I doing wrong? A little bit of self-care, skincare, and brow care can go a long way in making yourself look and feel more put together. We know we are always adoring different models’ brows on Instagram, thinking what is their secret to looking so put together and flawless?! 

We’ve spoken to the brow experts and found out their 5 habits to get jaw-dropping, put together Brows! 

Grow get it, girl. 

This one is going to sound obvious, but let them grow girl! When you’re growing out your brows it can be frustrating to see stray hairs, but try your best to leave ones close to your brows. If you have hit a growth lull, you can always try a growth serum. We have been using the Browgasm cream, and it’s working wonders! Keep growing, you can do it! 

Leave the brow shaping to the professionals.

Anastasia Soare, the eyebrow queen, and owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills has said “shaping is not as simple as it you may think” and don’t we know it! Letting professionals (like us!) help map and shape your brows to find the perfect brow shape to suit your face can make all the difference. Keep up to date with your appointments so your brows can look flawless every day.

Thread, don’t wax & tint, tint tint!

Waxing can damage your delicate eye skin as waxing is so harsh. Waxing can cause irritation and redness so threading is a much better option for sensitive skin as it doesn’t involve any chemicals. You can get a super crisp line with threading as it removes individual hairs, plus It helps your unwanted hairs grow back thinner! Add a tint to your next threading appointment and see how it can change your brows! Adding some tint, hybrid tint or henna can take your brows to the next level as It provides a naturally perfected look.

Pick the right products for you and your brows.

Picking the right products for your specific brow type and finding ones you’re comfortable with can be a challenge. There are so many brow products to choose from, so how do you know what’s right for you?! Our first tip for applying brow makeup is to try to avoid getting your daily moisturizer in your brows. Not only can it prevent brow growth by blocking your pores, but it adds a slippery base which makes it hard to get those crisp lines on! 

We like to start our brow makeup routine by brushing out our brows with a spoolie before we apply any product. Next, you can go in with a brow powder. We have 6 shades to choose from so you can get the perfect match!). Brow powders are great for beginners or experts as they are easily wiped off if you make a mistake, but you can build up the product to create a bold brow if you want! Next, we like to set ours with a gel or brow soap. This adds that fluffy texture that is to die for. It also sets them in place all day so you’re not going to accidentally rub off half your brow! Brow gel and brow soap are what gives you that model brow look. You can pick up iBrow Threads Brow Gel or Mayamy’s brow soap next time you visit one of our kiosks! 

Confidence is key!

If you like the way it looks, leave it be! As long as you love the way your brows look, they are perfect no matter how that one celeb wears their brows. Self-confidence is the prettiest makeup in the world. Try out different ways to wear your brows, pick the one that makes you feel the best, and roll with it girl! 

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