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Covid Normal Beauty

Let’s be honest, nobody saw 2022 starting off the way it has. Our 2020 selves are like ‘SERIOUSLY? STILL?!’ But it’s totally fine, we’re totally fine. Right? Even if you are, or if you’re not, we are here with some tips to help you manage. 

Unruly Brows? 

While we’re all wearing masks, it’s SO important to consider what message your brows are sending to the world, as it’s pretty much all we can see! Angry brows? Sad brows? Perfect brows? I know we said don’t touch those tweezers, and we can’t thank you enough for letting those beautiful brows grow out! Post lockdown brows mean only one thing: Brow makeover! Unhappy with the natural shape of your brows? Sick of them being flat, sad and droopy? This is your perfect opportunity to create the brows of your dreams. Thread them into the perfect shape, tint them to your perfect colour match (we have SO many tint options, from tint type to colour) or even lock them into place with a lamination. The world is your brow oyster, don’t be shy!

Lacklustre lashes?

The “Eyes are the window to the soul…” saying has never been more important since we are all hiding half of our faces every day with masks! Don’t let your brows get all the attention, highlight those peepers girl! There is so much you can do to help out those lashes without applying a thousand coats of mascara. Start with applying our brow and lash rejuvenator to your lashes every day. This will help even the shortest of lashes grow long and strong! To capture attention, you don’t always have to rush to eyelash extensions. You can try the hottest lash service of 2022: the lash lift & tint. All it does is enhance your natural beauty in the best way! 

It’s all you, baby! 

Remember, things have changed and that’s okay. Beauty isn’t just about how great your brows and lashes are (and they will be after a quick visit to our kiosks!) but it’s about how you are inside. Remember to take a moment in your new morning routine, whether working from home or donning a mask to remember: I am strong, I am beautiful, I can do this. It’s all going to work out, and we are in this together. 

Have you let your beauty appointments slide recently while you’re trying to stay at home, and stop the spread? Keep safe at our kiosks with online booking. While we are taking all the necessary cleaning precautions, like wiping chairs, work areas, and high volume touch areas down with a disinfectant after each client, maintaining 1.5m social distancing and providing hand sanitiser at ALL threading stations & at the cash register for customer/staff use, you can help us by booking online.  By booking online, you can get a guaranteed appointment with no wait time! Please remember to wear your mask to your appointment for extra protection. 

We can’t wait to see you, we have missed you!

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