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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading Adelaide Canberra

oiBrow Threads has established itself as a premier destination for Eyebrow Threading in Adelaide and Canberra. Our journey into this ancient art of hair removal began in 2014 when we introduced threading to the lovely people of Adelaide, marking the first step in our dedication to this craft.

Eyebrow Threading

While threading’s roots trace back more than 6000 years, its story is as fascinating as it is enduring. This technique emerged during a time when the Egyptians were erecting the Pyramids, woolly mammoths roamed the earth, and Stonehenge was being constructed by Druids. Today, threading remains a significant part of various cultures, believed to have originated in the Middle East and South Asia. Although the exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, we humorously attribute it to some ingenious women who grew tired of the monobrow trend.

This art has left its mark on cultures worldwide. For instance, Iranian brides once held pre-wedding threading parties to enhance their beauty. Over time, threading gained traction in the Western world as brows evolved into a defining feature. While Western cultures embraced it primarily for shaping eyebrows. Middle Eastern traditions extended their use to facial hair removal, including upper lips, cheeks, and chins.

The threading process employs a doubled and twisted cotton or polyester thread. This is rolled over unwanted hair to pluck it at the follicle level. This technique offers greater precision in brow shaping compared to waxing and treats the skin with more gentleness. Unlike waxing, threading is free from artificial waxes, harsh chemicals, and invasive methods. It’s a preferred option for those with sensitive skin prone to acne breakouts.

As various techniques, including the hand, mouth, and neck methods, define threading, we’ve chosen the neck method for its exceptional hygiene and Covid-safe practices since the pandemic emerged. At iBrow Threads, we’re not just threading experts. We’re dedicated to upholding the rich history of this art while ensuring a safe and effective experience for our valued clients.

Eyebrow Threading Adelaide Canberra

After massive success in Adelaide, we expanded to the ACT. With 3 stores now open in Canberra (Westfield Woden, Westfield Belconnen, and Canberra Centre). We have continued our training, high-quality standards, and general amazingness to ensure all of our clients all over Australia have the brows of their dreams.

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