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Henna and Hybrid Brow Tint

So, you have heard of regular brow tint. But have you heard about Henna or Hybrid tint? We don’t want to overwhelm you with choices here, but we thought we would help you out with one of the toughest decisions you will have to make in your appointment… What should I pick, Henna or Hybrid Tint?

What other services do I need with the Henna and Hybrid Brow Tint?

We recommend adding a brow thread or wax with any brow tint to create a beautiful brow shape. Adding this to your tinting service will only add 10-15 mins to your appointment time.

How long does Henna and Hybrid Brow Tint last?

Henna is the longest-lasting tint, lasting up to 14 days on the skin and up to 4-6 weeks on the hair. Henna will fade to a subtle finish over a day or two. Don’t be alarmed with you first have a peek at your fresh brows and they are darker than expected!

Hybrid doesn’t last quite as long on the skin, only up to 7 days on the skin but it can last up to 7 weeks on the hair! 

Remember Individual results vary.

Which is tint suited to what brow type?

Henna is great for people with sparse brows, as the henna dye tints the skin as well as the hair to create a filled-in look. Henna is also great for those with sensitive skin, as it only contains natural ingredients. 

Hybrid Tint is amazing for people with thin, sparse brows looking for instant fullness, and a defined shape. If you have oily skin, please chat with your beautician, as Hybrid tint might not last quite as long on you! 


Henna is the most natural eyebrow tint, being made up of 99.5% natural ingredients! It is great for sensitive skin, vegans, and health-conscious minds, being ammonia and preservative free!

Hybrid is also ammonia and preservative free but contains more traditional ‘dye’ ingredients. 

How long will the appointment be? 

Depending on the colour you have chosen, and the depth of tone you wish to achieve Henna can stay on for 10-20 mins before being wiped off.

Same as Henna, depending on a few factors, Hybrid can stay on for 10-20 mins. The longer it stays on, the darker the tint. However, Hybrid continues to develop after it is wiped off.


For both Henna and Hybrid tints, please do not wet the eyebrows for as long as possible, at least the first 12 hours! During this time, do not use any products, skincare, or makeup removers on the brow area. Try to avoid oil-based cleansers, as this can prematurely cause fading. 

See you next time! Remember you can book your appointment online to secure your appointment with your preferred beautician! Book here!

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