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What products are right for you?

We have been getting a lot of questions recently about our product range, what’s everything used for and what’s the best for you!


Let’s start simple, how do you perfect your brows at home everyday? Try a brow powder and brow gel. Pair with our angled brow brush and the perfect colour match with our powders, available in 7 colours. A brow gel keeps the brow hairs in place all day in whatever place you set them in. 

How to use our Brow Powder & Brow Gel: Brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie brush. Dip your angled brush into your brow powder and define the tail end of your brow in to your preferred shape. Slowly blend towards the start of your brow, adding more product if you need. Try to create a gentle fade effect, with the start of your brow being the lightest part. Brush through your brows again with the spoolie to soften and blend the product further. Set your brows in place with the brow gel, brushing in an up and outwards direction. If you have any out of place hairs, brush them into place with the end of the brow gel brush. 


Now you have a simple everyday routine but want to make your brows look thicker? We recommend a growth product like Browgasm, it helps your brows in grow thick and long. Browgasm has ingredients such as Keratin and Collagen to promote brow growth. If you would like to take the same route but try a different product, you can try our Brow and lash rejuvenator that takes a little less time and commitment, but it’s still full of all great ingredients.  Not convinced? Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil a try. With 100% natural ingredients blended to not only promote growth but to nourish and enhance.

How to apply:  Before bed, brush your chosen growth product on to your brow and brush it through your brows with a spoolie brush. Coat your lashes with the same brush for a lash growth boost!


If you do not know where to start come and visit our kiosks, where our experienced beauticians can talk to you about which products will be right for you and your lifestyle. A great place to start is by creating a simple brow routine that you can achieve every day. A touch of brow powder for definition or even just some brow gel to keep them in place can make all the difference to show off your gorgeous face. 

We are always here to help! 

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